H & H Restaurant, Macon, GA

Vittles by Mama Louise & Mama Hill

21 Feb

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28 Dec

Oprah at H & H Restaurant, Macon, GA

Mama Inez Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Mama Louise Hudson

Oprah @ H&H

Since Oprah Winfrey arrived unannounced in Macon, she made a whirlwind tour of the city, followed by packs of adoring fans. The Winfrey entourage headed to H & H Restaurant to meet Mama Louise Hudson and Mama Inez Hill. More than 300 people waited in front of the restaurant for more than two hours.

Macon Mayor Jack Ellis showed up at the restaurant about 12:40 p.m. and entered through the back door. Minutes later, when several of the people thought Winfrey’s sport utility vehicle was pulling around back, a huge part of the crowd rushed en masse to the back only to find it was a false alarm. Comically, the crowd spun around and rushed back to their spots in front of the restaurant.

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27 Dec

Mama Inez Hill Passes Away

Inez "Ma" Hill

Inez "Ma" Hill

Mama Hill has died. Inez Hill, 94, known to virtually everyone around town as “Mama Hill,” was one of the “H’s” in the famed H&H Restaurant on Forsyth Street in downtown Macon. The restaurant has gained international fame for its soul food cooking and for being a favorite haunt of the Allman Brothers Band. Mama Hill co-owned the restaurant with her goddaughter and cousin, “Mama Louise” Hudson, who cooked for the band members when they were getting their start in the early 1970s. Mama Louise said she and Mama Hill were so close, everyone considered them mother and daughter. Read More

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08 Jul

Mama’s Big Day

Mama Louise’s Special Day and Night

by Bill Thames, Ormond Beach Florida

Mama Louise Hudson

Mama Louise Hudson

A pessimist might say, a good deed never goes unpunished,  but last weekend, in a room full of smiling optimists, Gregg Allman told the crowd that, ”one shared plate of smothered fried chicken at the H & H Restaurant quickly became several plates,” and those plates fed the emerging soul of Southern Rock, and helped keep it alive while the world caught-on to their musical concept. What started as dinner “on the house”  for a group of scruffy, hungry, long-haired hippie types, almost forty years ago, morphed into one of the most loving evenings in Macon Georgia’s history & Mama Louise Hudson’s landmark birthday party

After dinner the evening’s festivities kicked-off with an almost never ending parade, to the stage, of Macon music royalty, political dignitaries, and colorful local characters; all of whom were there to honor Mama Louise for a lifetime of kindheartedness, benevolence, and good will.

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